Earn commissions from your Wedding Gift List!

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      Saturday, 21st April

Shop Clever

Use our tips below and you'll be quids in!

Earn money with Natural Born Shopper

Natural Born Shopper is a new website that lets you recommend your favourite shops and products to your friends and other visitors to the site... and earn money from people using your recommendations!

Natural Born Shopper works in two ways... Firstly, visit the site and make your 'pages' of products you'd recommend. You can do this by browsing the products in the directory there, or by linking to absolutely any product you've seen and like on the web.

  1. Help other shoppers

    When you register with the site, you can state what you're an 'expert' in. Do you know alot about digital cameras? Are you a make-up/beauty know it all? Or are you the best person you know at finding a difficult relative the perfect Christmas present? Natural Born Shopper then lets visitors to the site ask questions about their shopping dilemas - 'what can I get my uncle for Christmas?', 'what's an original Mother's Day present?', 'what's the best cheap 8MB digital camera out there?'. If a question gets asked that suits your area of expertise, you then get emailed so you can visit the site to answer the question and drive people to your pages. If people then use your page (consisting of products you've recommended, you'll earn money!

  2. Tell your friends

    Once you've made your pages of products you'd recommend, tell your friends about them! Know alot of your friends are into DVDs? Make a DVD page and then send them a link. If they shop from your page you'll earn money!

    PLUS if any of your friends sign up with the site, you'll get 50% of the money they earn! Without decreasing their income at all. Natural Born Shopper just share more of the commission they get from retailer's advertising budgets with you.

Natural Born Shopper - get paid for your recommendations

Cashback Websites

Cashback Junction - save money for your weddingCashback websites, such as Cashback Junction.com, offer you a small cash refund on anything you buy from leading online retailers. So you shop normally, but via the cashback website, and earn money!

How does it work? What's the catch?

No catch - many online retailers (including the shopping websites of major highstreet retailers like John Lewis and Currys) offer websites commission on any sales they generate. So, to make a website recommend them to people, they offer the website - say - 10% of any sales they generate. Cashback websites then share this commission with it's users. So visit Cashback Junction and set up an account, use their directory to find a shop to suit your needs, and watch the cash come back! It's not always vast amounts, but every little helps as you plan your wedding and pennies can add up!

To read more about cashback websites and check out the best rates of commission, visit www.cashbackwebsite.co.uk.