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      Thursday, 22nd March

Wedding Transport

Bride Getting Out of Wedding CarWhilst the majority of your guests will be inside the Church/Venue when you arrive at the ceremony, some may still wait outside to see you (the Bride) arrive. And then, everyone will see you and your Groom leave for, and arrive at the reception. So you want your mode of transport to be something special! Something to take you around in style on one of the most important days of your life.

The bride arriving and then leaving with her husband is a prime photo opportunity, so your mode of transport may well be in your wedding album.

Wedding Cars - Stretched White Limos and Classic CarsIf your Father is giving you away, this can also be his chance to ride in a beautiful car, so you might like to give him the opportunity to help you decide - something you can do together to help him feel part of the day. And ask around - between friends and family you could well know someone who has a classic or vintage car which they are willing to lend to you for the day. You'll need a chauffeur though!

If you are taking alot of people in your car - or in another car in the party (traditionally you and who is giving you away will travel in one car, whilst the bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride travel in another) you may need to consider a limosine or 'limo'. These are not necessarily 'stretched', but the term literally applies to any big car.

Aston Martin DB9 - James Bond Car!The term Vintage Car commonly refers to cars built 1919 and 1930 - cars that truly look 'old' and quite different from our cars now adays!. Meanwhile, Classic Cars are somewhat newer - from the 1930s onwards. Or you may choose something quite new - your dream car! This might particularly be the case for the Groom, who's arrival at the ceremony can often be overlooked. Let him feel like James Bond for the day and hire an Aston Martin or a sports car of his choice! Remember to consider the width of the roads you're travelling on - some cars, especially vintage cars - can be too wide to travel down narrow country lanes without running the risk of getting scratched.

Aston Martin DB9 - James Bond Car!Many couples opt for a horse and carriage. This can be lovely - but can unfortunately be expensive, as the horses need to be transported. You will need to consider aspects such as access and distance - the carriage may not be able to get to your house, so you might have to get a ride to where they can stop/pick you up! The horses will also only be able to travel a few miles, so if your ceremony is a long way from your reception they may not be able to take you all the way. Another problem is the speed the horses will walk at - bare in mind it'll take a while to get anywhere in a horse and carriage!

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