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      Thursday, 22nd March

Wedding Flowers


Wedding Flowers as decorationsThere is much to consider when choosing flowers/a florist for your wedding. If you set a budget for a florist, ensure they stick to it, and when they give you a final quote, tell them if you are not happy with it or if you are going to struggle in other areas as a result. They should be able to remove something without damaging the lovely overall effect. To cut down on costs, you could get in touch with anyone having a ceremony on the same day as you at the same premises to discuss sharing the cost of decorating the venue. However, this may not work if you are having completely different themes, or if one of you isn't happy having 'second-hand' flowers.

Choosing a Florist

Wedding FloristWhen you discuss what you want, ensure it is the florist who will be doing the arrangements for your day that you speak to, to avoid 'middle-man' break downs in communication. When they do set you a price, check if this includes delivery. Will they set-up the flowers, or will they just drop them off on the day? And will it be the florist who created them setting them up, or an assistant, who may not be so familar with the displays? If you are having the displays from the ceremony moved to the reception will the florist help with this also? If not, you will need a way of moving possibly large displays.

Ask your florist about the best way to keep the flowers looking their best - ask a member of the Wedding Party to take a small water spray to spritz the arrangements with during the day to revive them - especially in hot weather. And try not to touch them too much, no matter how pretty they look!

It's not just the look of the flowers you need to consider - think about the scent of certain blooms, as these smells will provide permanent reminders to you of your day!

Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers and BouquetsYou may wish to consider silk flowers (check out the Directory for your nearest supplier). They provide a much longer lasting reminder of your day (whilst staying truer to their original colour that dried arrangements), are much easier to care for on the day (no spritzing required!), and if they need to be transported from the ceremony to the reception, can withstand just a little bit more that real petals.

Do your own

Floral Table ArrangementSome brides decide to do their own flowers for the day - but this is a big challenge and should not be undertaken lightly. Maybe enrol on a flower arranging course a few months prior to the Wedding? If you also plan to grow your own flowers, plant more than you need to allow for mistakes or unsuccessful blooms. Doing your own flowers will take a lot of time and planing - which you may not be able to stretch to in the run up to your big day, with a million and one other things needing your attention. Simple Table ArrangementAnd on the day it's very unlikely you'll be able to go around setting them all up yoruself. Unless you are very capable, it may be better to not take on the whole job - get a professional florist to do the large arrangements and bouquets, whilst you do the table arrangements. Wedding To Plan tip: just a simple couple of flowers or single stem in a glass vase can be beautiful but simple - and affordabale! Use funky vases for a contemporary look, or delicate vases for a romantic feel. Or, float flowers and candles in glass bowls - simple but creative and interesting.

Coordinating with your dress

Wedding BouquetWhen you are sure on the florist that you want to use (check out local florists in the Wedding To Plan Directory), then see if you can book them for the day of your wedding without picking a style of flowers. This ensures you've got a florist for the correct date, but you can then go back to them once you have picked the outfits for the day, and coordinate the two.

Tear Drop BouquetThe choice of your bouquet/flower arrangement can depend greatly on your choice of dress. A very elaborate dress would perhaps look better with a simple posy, so as not to look too 'busy', whereas a very simple outfit can be enhanced by elegant but intricate flowers.

The shape of your bouquet should also be considered next to your dress. Whereas a Drop Shower Bouquet is beautiful due to the amount of flowers (a bouquet top, with many trailing flowers) it can give the impression of being wide, due to the vast expanse of flowers coming from it. Meanwhile, a Shower which has all of the flowers beneath the posy top flowing down on one central wire, or a Tear Drop (above, right) where the flowers flowing down on the central wire get narrower towards the end, are generally narrower forms. The Tear Drop in particular (imagine, as the name suggests!) an upside down tear drop, almost narrows into a point, creating a slimming effect.

Informal Wedding PosyFormal PosyPosies can be informal (left) or formal (right). 'Informal Posy' refers to creations which are slightly loose in structure, and can help emphasise a casual, easy-going affair. They look beautiful because they look natural. Meanwhile, Formal Posies are structured and may have a consistent pattern. The one displayed here uses a very bold colour scheme to show the central colour, surrounded by larger flower heads and leaves.

Hand Tied Wedding PosyHand Tied Posies can give a very contemporary feel, but without being harsh and modern. This example (left) is tied with a wide ribbon to coordinate with other colours/fabrics in the Wedding, so stays delicate and pretty, whilst having contemporry straight lines courtesy of the cut stems. The colour of the flowers in this example are beautiful - and the arrangement could be refered to as a Formal or Informal posy (no one said this wedding lark would be easy!) due to it's seemingly random mixture of flowers and hand tied construction, but it is a relatively tight round shape.

Simple BouquetThis example (right) is extremely simple, and therefore - depending on the choice of dress - could be very traditional or very contemporary (!). With a simple, straight lined dress the effect would be smooth and crips, but with a willowy, whispy dress this choice of arrangement would be rather 'maiden-esque'! Other shapes of bouquests include Sheafs which are carried over your arm, or Wrist Arrangemets which are small posies on wrist bands or bracelets, giving you freedom whilst still having your bouquet with you! This is particularly a good idea for small bridesmaids who may not wish to carry anything, or for Flower Girls who are carrying baskets of petals (check with the venue before scattering petals everywhere!). When walking down the isle, get the small bridesmaid to hold her hands infront of her, so as to keep a neat appearance, with the Wrist band showing beautifully, but without her fidgetting with a posy.

What's in season?

Bracken Bouquet - Flowers in SeasonOf course you have to consider what flowers/foliage are around at the time of your Wedding. Although florists can pretty much get you what you want now-a-days, you may have to be prepared to pay a high price if you ask them to order something that is actually out of season. The example here (left) shows how beautiful it can be to use plants/foliage which you would normally not consider for a Wedding, Simple Posy with Grassbut which are bountiful at certain times of the year. Wedding To Plan loves this Informal Posy, with the choice of ribbon complimenting it beautifully. We also love the way the grasses in this posy (right) resemble hearts - a romantic touch on this special day! Remember, it's not just flowers that can make your bouquet beautiful.

Other roles for flowers

Flowers in bridesmaids hairFinally, remember: flowers needn't stop at bouquets! For example, whilst you don't want to g overboard, a simple posy would work very well with a matching hair decoration, or single stem table centre pieces would be complimented by similar chair decorations.

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