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      Thursday, 22nd March

Wedding Favours and Bonbonierre

"favour: a token of love, goodwill etc."

Wedding Favours are an expensive business! Not so bad if you're having a small Reception, but costs can add up if you're inviting alot of people to your Wedding Breakfast (your first meal as husband and wife).

But, one thing Wedding To Plan does like about favours, is that they allow your creative side to come out (along with hand made stationery or flowers)!

Sugared AlmondsA common, tradtional, simple and affordable favor is to give five sugared almonds - each one meant to represent one of wealth, happiness, fertility, health and long-life. Click here for a recipe to make your own Sugared Almonds!

Favors can consist of almost anything - personalised chocolates, to alocohol miniatures to small siver trinkets. However, this can all get very expensive, so on this page we are going to display some affordable aternatives!

Fortune Cookie Favours and RecipeFor another recipe for a very cute and apt favor - click here to make your own fortune cookies! We've also added some 'fortunes' for you to copy, with a wedding theme!

Affordable Favours

Candy Letters for wedding bonbonierreFor a personal touch why not use candy letters? Either have your initials, or a selection and make a game of 'edible scrabble' for your guests! You need to find a very nice sweet shop man/lady if you are going to request particular letters! You may just need to buy in bulk and find the letters you want. But even this will work out cheaper than some custom made favours.

Love Hearts Wedding FavoursLove Hearts are very popular for wedding favours at the moment - and understandably so, due to their shape and messages. But you can save money on presentation boxes by allowing people to help themselves from a dainty dish, matching the rest of your table.

Liquorice StickNow this is something different! A real stick of liquorice - a great novelty! And this one only cost 50p, when some favours can be over £2/3!

Jelly Lips - BonbonierreFor a touch of naughty romance, pucker up with some glossy red lips for your guests! Perfect for a red themed wedding.

Pick and Mix for Wedding FavoursFor a reminder of the good old days (before you were all grown up and getting married - eek!) treat your guests to some pick and mix classics! Jellys are particularly cheap - but makesure you get them from a local shop in town, not a cinema/attraction otherwise you will pay alot of money for them!

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