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      Thursday, 22nd March

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake TiersThere is so much choice with wedding cakes now! Gone are the days of the only option being a three tier fruit cake on pillars!

The advantages of fruit cakes still remain however - such as the fact that it lasts and lasts. So you can store the smallest tier at the top for the christening of your first born! And tiers are find for fruit cakes, as they are dense enough to take the weight of something on top of it. However tiers are a big no-no for fruit cakes! Unless you want everything sinking into the base!

Bride eating wedding cakeBut going for a sponge base doesn't have to mean a single layer, as frames are now available to hire from bakeries or often from the person who makes your cake which can support cakes on different levels without resting on each other.

You need to consider how many guests you are inviting when deciding how many tiers/how big a cake to go for. But there is always the option of having spare cake in the background. Ask your baker/cake maker if they can make you some plain cake(s) (so cheaper!) and keep them in the kitchen/out of sight. Then, when you cut your cake creation and distribute the slices, miraculously everyone gets a serving even though the cake wasn't a huge monstrocity that took up an entire tessel table! Most people provide this common service.

It is also customary to send cake in cake boxes to close friends/family that either couldn't make it to the wedding, or had to leave early.

Chocolate Wedding CakeWedding cakes can be whatever you want them to be! Chocolate, chocolate fudge, fruit with brandy, white sponge, - why not try madeira or angel cake?! Or Battenburg for something even more different?! No marzipan if you don't want it - how about butter icing? It's your wedding and so your choice. However, you may want to consider dietary requirements again - and include a fruit layer for those with dairy allergies. Perhaps a layer of each different sort you fancy to please every one!

At wedding fayres cake makers often take samples for visitors to try - an ideal way of knowing what you're getting.

Pick a cake supplier gifted in sugar craft or icing and you can have practically anything you want. We have seen cakes made into castles, suitcases, churches - anything goes! Is there an object that means a lot to you as a couple and that can be recreated in a cake?Wedding Cup CakesTop Tip:

Serve your cake as dessert, and save money on a separate extra course for the meal. This is particularly possible with gooey, stickly or chocolatey cakes - or ones consisting of individual desserts/cup cakes. Each individual serving can be a mousse or pavlova - very clearly a dessert, but at the same time displayed as a cake on tiers, with perhaps one 'regular' round for the 'cutting of the cake'.

Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate FountainA popular novelty, but can be quite an expensive extra. So you may decide to make it the dessert if you are having a meal, or use it as a cake substitute, whilst still possibly having a small cake just for the 'cutting' and photos! If money's no object however, have it in the reception room for when your guests arrive from the ceremony, or whilst the day-time reception guests await the evening function!

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