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      Thursday, 22nd March

Male Wedding Attire

It would be easy to spend less time and attention (and money!) on the men's outfits - but remember, everyone has to feel special! And imagine how fantastic it will be to step down the isle and see your knight in (a different kind of) shining armour waiting for you!

Waistcoats for the Ushers and GroomThe men's attire is a vital way of continuing a colour theme, as whilst your dress may rely on your bouquest for colour, your groom's waistcoat/cravat/tie can create the look you want. A team of superbly dressed ushers wandering around the reception with matching bridesmaids in sight will set the scene perfectly - if coordinated is what you're going for. Alternatively, use the men to ephasise a relaxed, casual affair, wearing just open necked shirts for example.

Ushers and Groom Suit FittingWhilst most of us (not all!) will look forward to choosing our dress/the fittings, many men may still associate 'required' shopping with being dragged around BHS with Mum looking for school uniform. Therefore, why don't they make a day/night of it? Follow the after-work-fitting with a curry and a night down the pub. Or see it as an excuse for a day off work.

Whilst many women buy their wedding dress, many men hire their suits - which is almost backwards, because if they choose a more casual suit they can wear it over and over again, whereas wedding dresses tend to be more 'one-offs'! If you're not going down the 'top hat and tails' route, then the groom-to-be could treat himself to a tailored suit which he can then wear on other occasions, or even just a high street suit that he can get his money's worth from. Like we said about bridesmaids, why not ask the ushers/male party to provide their own suits? If you want them to match, pick a simple, plain style (not grey with a pink pinstripe, for example) and, if all are in agreement on the style, suggest them buying their own smart suit rather than giving a wedding present. If you are going to hire your suits, it may be worth asking if your supplier offers discounts for big orders - suddenly it might be worth your brother hiring his from the same place...

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