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      Thursday, 22nd March

Structuring the Wedding Party

How you organise your day, is of course up to you... but here are some details of how things were traditionally done...

How to seat guests:

Show this diagram to your Ushers! You may wish to do away with tradition completely and let your guests sit where they want, but traditionally the Bride's friends and family sit on the left of the isle, facing the front, and the Groom's on the right. A fact that could change this layout is if you are in a small venue with more people coming from one side than the other, due to a large family etc.

Where to sit during the wedding ceremony

How to leave the ceremony:

The diagram below shows the order in which the wedding guests conventionally leave the ceremony, leading with the Bride and Groom and followed by guests. However, this will have to be altered according to who is attending. If one or more of your parents are missing - why not ask a sibling to take their place, to symbolise their presence, or make up a completely new order for your very own exit as Man and Wife!

Leaving the Church

Seating at the Top Table

There is also a formal layout to the 'Top Table' at the wedding reception - but of course this can vary greatly depending on family structure. The Bride and Groom are always in the middle, with the bride on the left, and family alternating gender from there outwards. If you have many pairs to seat, due to re-married/step parents, then perhaps let each pair host their own table, near the Top Table? This avoids any uncomfortable pairings/possible conflicts, whilst still giving each parent an important role and prestige at their off spring's big day!

Seating at the Top Table

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