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      Thursday, 22nd March

Making Bookings

Before you book your venue, entertainment or caterers (if appropriate), ensure that your first choice for all of these are available for the same date.

Set a side some time to phone/visit all of the necessary people close together. It would be awful to check the availablity of a disco/band, and then a week later check and book your venue, only to find the disco has meanwhile been booked for that date.

Try not to book anything until you've checked/arranged everything. Try asking the person/business if they could merely 'pencil you in' for a day or so, until you can give them a firm answer. If they do this for you though, don't keep them waiting for an answer.

If you are having a long engagement, but are sure on the date and the venue you want, it may be worth booking it sooner rather than later, and possibly getting this years price, rather than that of two years time.

Check out our planning time line (coming soon) for a guide of how much in advance to do things.

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