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      Saturday, 21st April

Keep The Children Amused

Whilst you want them at the wedding - especially if it is the only way for their parents to come - they can cause a bit of a disturbance!

Little Flower GirlSeeings as weddings can include all members of a family or friendship circle, there is often no one left to act as babysitter! So you need some ways to keep the little ones amused and let your day run smoothly - with everyone in the congregation able to hear the vows!

Colouring in and DrawingPortable/Mobile Creches can specialise in weddings - and provide trained child minders to sit with children at the back of the church in a different room and keep them amused. They can supply toys and games - and can also attend the reception to let the parents know their kids are in safe hands whilst they have a good time themselves. Alternatively, you might be able to find a member of your family who is willing to miss some of the day and sit with them - as this would save a lot of money - perhaps suggest this instead of giving you a wedding gift (if you think they might otherwise). It is also a good idea to suggest in your invitations that little ones bring their favourite toy, or a colouring book to keep them amused.

Children's EntertainerOther ways to keep them entertained, at the reception especially, is with a professional entertainer (who can often be just as fun for the parents and grown ups!). Magicians and clowns are available for hire for weddings, as well as general childrens entertainers.

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