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      Thursday, 22nd March

Gift Lists

Wedding Gift ListsIt's a tricky one. No one likes to ask for presents, but at the same time, it is very likely your guests will bring them. And whilst you feel you should be grateful for everything you receive - the giver wants to know you'll make use of their gift, so they ideally don't want to give you somethin you've already got.

Back in the days of White Weddings when people hadn't set up home together before they got married it was perhaps easier (although that was the days of 4 kettles and 5 toasters per wedding!). Now a days however, you've quite likely got everything you need. Or you may decide that although you've already got things, you'd like to start afresh as a married couple with new things. This can especially be the case if you're using things from student days etc!

If you really don't need anything new, you could ask for contributions towards a new kitchen or maybe even your honey moon - but many people find it inappropriate to ask for money - especially those of older generations. And as Wedding Presents are traditionally kept forever, the fact that a honeymoon is short term, or that you may one day move house from the one you've just put a new kitchen in can make some people reluctant to contribute in this manner.

So gift lists can be a good/safe way of making sure people give gifts they know will be appreciated. Many well known high street stores now offer Wedding Gift List services which allow you to select gifts from their store. You can then give your guests a reference number or name, and they can visit the shop online or in the highstreet and view the contents of your list to make their selection. As soon as something is bought it is removed from the list so you don't get duplicated gifts.

If you do include details of your gift list with your invitations, be sure to word something politely such as "if you would like to give a gift..." or "Your attendance at our special day is enough but...".

Another idea for gifts is to ask for money to be given to charity.

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