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      Thursday, 22nd March

Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride

Choosing bridesmaids dresses can, in some ways, be more difficult than picking the bride's dress. Is due to having more people to keep happy! As they will be friends, the bride will obviously want them to be comfortable and happy on the day, but at the same time may have a strict theme/colour scheme in mind. The party just have to work together - but remember in the end, that it is the brides day - and the bridesmaid's can get their own back when it's the other way around!

Many of the 'different styles for different shapes' tips that can be found on the bride's dress page (click here) are obviously relevant here, so check those out for a guide.

Wear your bridesmaid's dress againIt may be worth considering bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again on a different occassion - so more wear can be gained from them. If you are taking this approach, and the budget's tight, why not ask your bridesmaids to buy their own dress instead of getting you a wedding present? The present would probably cost them quite a bit, so instead they can help you out and gain a lovely dress that they probably wouldn't have ever bought themselves otherwise. Several high street shops have beautiful bridesmaid ranges that won't break the bank, and aren't 'just bridesmaid dresses'. Watch out here however, for disagreements about colour/style - control may not be with the bride anymore.

Child BridesmaidsTo ease the strain of keeping all of the people happy all of the time, bridesmaids dresses can be perfectly co-ordinated in different colours, let alone different styles. Pick colours that compliment each other - different shades of the same base colour for example, and/or pick styles that suit each friend individually. Many bridesmaid dresses come in a range of colours, so ask your shop assistant about the options. They may even come in full length versions, as opposed to the short one on display, etc. This variation from a theme allows younger members of the wedding party to be equally co-ordinated. Use different shades of fabric, or different decoration using similar beading/diamonte materials. For more advice on having young bridesmaids, and on inviting children to your wedding, see our page of tips: Child Guests

Bridesmaid Shoes / FootwearAlthough we discussed in Wedding Dresses how important shoes are, and that they show more than you think, this could be one corner you could cut with bridesmaids. Mainly because women have such different feelings towards shoes! Some love heels, some prefer flats; some like slip-ons, others prefer more secure straps. Asking your bridesmaids to supply their own shoes (in a certain colour if possible) ensures they will all be comfortable on the day, and will help to keep your costs down, without asking too much from them, as they may already have a pair suitable. If all of your bridesmaids are to get new shoes, don't forget the fashionable high street shops for dazzling designs. Remember comfort though!

As for Mum, she probably doesn't want to wear a dress like the bridesmaids'(!) but something which complements the colours of the wedding and is special enough that she stands out from the crowd! After all, it's her big day too! Hats are becoming increasingly less common at weddings, meaning a Mother of the Bride may feel particularly special on the day if she found a beautiful wedding hat to match her outfit.

Make a day of choosing your Mum's outfit - just as you will have done for yours (at least one day!). Get some lunch together and help her choose something truly special.

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