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      Thursday, 22nd March

Choosing A Venue

When deciding on the venue of your wedding/reception, it's always important to consider (to a certain extent - as this is primarily your day of course!) who you are inviting.

Church WeddingIf you have your heart set on a certain venue, consider accommodation for guests from distant climbs, or look into transport to take a group from the same area home. If you're thinking about providing your guests with lists of accommodation, then a Wedding Web Site may be an idea - click here to see how WeddingToPlan.com can provide you with individual personalised website for your guests to visit. A great way to save money on stamps and paper!

If your venue is a hotel, it may be possible to include in your 'package' some rooms for any guests who would want to stay over. It may be just as well to confirm this with them first, else your forward thinking may hurt your pocket!

Country Manor Wedding ReceptionWhen choosing a venue also consider the amount of people you want to invite. This is not necessarily a case of making sure people aren't crammed in - it can also be the opposite. A huge venue - no matter how beautfiul or ideally located - can feel empty with not many people in it, giving the impression of quite a sparse turn out.

Like we said in 'Making Bookings', it may be worth booking your venue as much in advance as possible, inorder to get 'this years' price, rather than nexts.

Country Manor Wedding ReceptionIt is worth noting that not all venues allow outside caterers, so you will have to have a careful discussion with the Banqueting Manager/Proprieter about what is available and whether this suits your needs. See Catering for a more thorough guide to this consideration.

Another issue with wedding venues is considering the parking available. Usually this will not be a problem, but if you know a lot of your guests will be driving themselves, then it may be worth a quick check.

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