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      Thursday, 22nd March

Wedding Catering

If you want certain things for your catering, then ensure you make this very clear when you book your venue, or check the catering arrangements at that venue. Some premises do not allow outside caterers, and so if they cannot provide what you want, then you can't have it!

Wedding CateringThere are no rules to what you have for your wedding reception meal/wedding breakfast. The time of day may direct your decision, or the time of year (nothing too heavy in summer - no salad in winter). A morning or lunch time ceremony is gerenally followed by a sit-down meal for a few guests, followed by a buffet for more guests in the evening. However, to cut down on the amount of food needed you may choose to go for a late afternoon ceremony, so that only an evening meal is needed. There is also nothing to stop you having a buffet earlier in the day, or something completely informal such as a BBQ or hog roast - simple for the venue and loved by all (except vegetarians! (see details of catering for dietary requirements further down)).

The meal at the wedding breakfast / receptionIf you are booking a venue that provides catering, or searching through local mobile caterers, do not be afraid to ask for samples. If the venue is a hotel with a restaurant, ask for a meal to try the chef's work. Ask to see sample menus and consider if they use fresh ingredients. You also need to consider the choice you give your guests. For large parties, some caterers prefer to prepare just one meal, and everyone has the same. This may also kee costs down. However, you ay decide to give your guests choice, and so you could include a card with invitation stating the three menu options you have gone for, asking which they would like to book in advance. This always holds the problem that people 'don't fancy' on the day what they ordered 3 months in advance, but it is the way many caterers have to work for large gatherings.

Top Tip:

Iliminate the problem of people forgetting what they ordered by placing a small reminder at their table place, or by writing it on that back of their place setting.

Dietary requirements are a serious business and need to be considered carefully. You need to check with your venue/caterers that they can accommodate any unusual requirements which may crop up. You then need to ask guests about any requirements they may have... a note in with invitations is a good way to do this, asking them to let you know with their r.s.v.p, or to inform you via your wedding website.

Guest's Dietary Requirements

Remember Corkage FeesThe other major point to consider when choosing your venue is Corkage Fees. If your venue allows you to provide your own fizz you cna save alot on hotel/restaurant prices - but you may have to pay per bottle for them to be opened on the day. Ask them about this before you confirm anything!

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