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      Saturday, 21st April

Perfume Guide

Don't forget this important part of your preparation!

You may not have considered what perfume you are going to wear for your wedding - but for many brides it is an important decision, as everytime you smell that scent in the future it will remind you of that precious day!

Therefore, we have a few tips to set you off in the right direction. Then, scroll down for our latest recommendations!

  • Wedding PerfumeYou may decide you're going to wear a perfume your Groom has given you as a present at some point. Or you might wear what you were wearing when you met, or what you wore on an important date with him. Or you may choose to wear something new - something you'll only associate with your wedding day. If this is the case, once you buy it, resist the temptation to keep 'testing' it!
  • When choosing your perfume, resist the temptation to try everyone in the shop in one visit, as soon you won't be able to distinguish one from the other. Take a notebook, and jot down the name of each one you like on each visit - trying only a couple at a time - 3 or 4 max. Use each wrist and the inside of each elbow only once as a test area. Don't worry about what the assistant may think! If they are a professional they will understand this procedure.
  • Don't pick your perfume according to what you smelt someone else wearing, as different scents smell very different on different people. Even your diet can effect how a smell is on you.
  • If you have extremely oily skin, be aware that your perfume will be stronger on you than it would be on others. Meanwhile, if you have dry skin, pick a small bottle you can keep with you on the day as you will have to reapply it.
  • If the perfume you choose also has a body lotion or eau de toilette in the collection, then applying these first thing in the morning, before adding your perfume later will build up layers of the scent, making it last longer.
  • Be sure to apply your perfume to pulse points, as it is in these spots that blood vessels are closest to your skin. These areas give off more heat, to emphasise the perfume. Pulse points are your wrist, the crood of your arm and knee, behind your ear, and the base of your throat - all places you've probably always added perfume to, without really realising why!
  • Perfume rises - so don't just apply it behind your ears otherwise it won't be long before the scent is lost. So apply it from your ankles upwards.
  • Store your perfume, tightly sealed, in a cool dry place, as excessive heat and air can alter the scent.

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