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      Thursday, 22nd March

Just for Fun

It's rude to laugh, but...

  • 15 marriage proposals thanks to Match.com!

    15 marriage proposals thanks to Match.com!


    At The Isle of Wight Festival match.com (in conjunction with BT) provided a service where festival goers could send love messages to each other on TV Screens. This resulted in 15 marriage proposals!! We don't know how many ultimately ended up with 'yes's.....

    If you're reading this because you're planning your wedding - then go back to your guest lists and frocks. But if you're a bridesmaid/best man/usher looking for love, then hop over to match.com today and take advantage of their 'Make Love Happen' guarantee. They say if you don't find lo... Read more...

  • What would you do with £12million?

    What would you do with £12million?

    The National Lottery

    So if you won the estimated £12,000,000 Lottery jackpot tonight (Saturday 14th June) - what would you do with it?! Queue day dream... ahh...Imagine the wedding that'd get you!

    Follow the link below to play online. Fingers crossed! Ofcourse, if you do win, your favourite wedding planning website wouldn't mind a donation for inspiring you... ;) Read more...

  • Couple who invented 16 kids for benefits.

    Couple who invented 16 kids for benefits.

    A couple from Weston Super Mare, Somerset, with gambling and alcohol addictions invented 16 children to claim £125,000 in benefits!
    After asking for Tax Credit for two legitimate children, and not being asked to produce birth certificiates, they created Brian, Edith, sandra, Gareth, Jessica and Jason amongst others and have claimed over £400 a week for them since 2003.
    Whilst claiming to have done a ‘public service’ by exposing the flaw in the Tax Credits system, over £400 a week was being spent at the bookies, with just one of the cou... Read more...

  • Dirty Dancing Routine is Internet Smash!

    Dirty Dancing Routine is Internet Smash!

    Julia Boggio, 32, and James Derbyshire, 33, spent 6 months learning the famous dance routine played out by Patrick Swaze and Jennifer Grey in the Oscar Winning 1987 film Dirty Dancing for their first dance.
    Guests at the wedding reception at Fonmon Castle. Barry, South Wales, were entertained with the first dance - before the video of it was posted onto cult website YouTube. Since then the video has received 120,000 hits from visitors to the site as well as a host of comments.


  • Up, Up and Away!

    Up, Up and Away!

    A dad tied his wedding ring to a balloon to see what would happen - and it ended up blowing away!
    Calum McFadyen, 35, was playing with his four year old son Henry and let the balloon with his wedding ring tied to the end of it float to the ceiling. All was fine until Henry later opened the front door and the balloon escaped - taking Calum’s wedding ring with it!
    Needless to say his wife was none too pleased! And whilst their desperate to get it back - they know it could be anywhere in the country by now - or even further. Read more...

  • Groom Marries his Best Man!

    Groom Marries his Best Man!

    A blunder on a wedding certificate meant that Chris Adams, 33, may have married his best man Paul Hickleston, 42 instead of his fiance, Gemma Mortell, 19!
    On returning from their honeymoon after their valentine’s day ceremony, Gemma was horrified to see she’d signed her name in the witness space, and so Paul had signed his where the bride should!
    Gemma and Paul were terrified that their ceremony held before 70 guests after 9 months of planning may not have been legal, but Rev Elaine Skinner who conducted the ceremony assured them that the... Read more...

  • Man's Best Friend

    Man's Best Friend

    Sir Benjamin Slade, the owner of a country estate in Somerset, is offering his cross-labrador Jasper to play the role of best-man in weddings held at the estate!
    The plan is to attract lucrative gay wedding/commitment ceremony bookings.
    Jasper has a £100,000 trust fund! That’s the richest best I’ve ever met…! Read more...