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      Thursday, 22nd March

Honeymoon Checklist

Read this before you fly off to paradise!

  • Honeymoon planningIf going abroad, check that your passport will be valid at the time of travel. There's many a horror story been told of people realising on the day of their holiday that they can't travel. Also consider whether the passport should be in your married name of your maiden name. The passport should show the name of the person on the tickets, so consider this when you book your holiday. If you wish to go away on your honeymoon as Mr. & Mrs, then apply for your new passport in plenty of time, requesting it to be post-dated to the date of your wedding. You can the book the holiday in your married name!
  • Arrange travel insurance.
  • Check all travellers have EHIC (European Health Insurance Cards) - formerly form E111. If not, you can get these from your local post office.
  • Find out if you need any vaccinations before visiting your destination.
  • Arrange your foreign currency.
  • Read a travel guide for information on where you are visiting, so as to save time planning activities/sight seeing once you are there.
  • Ensure you have enough sun block for your trip, of a high enough factor to suit your skin type. Visit our Travel Essentials section to kit yourself out!
  • If you are taking any medication, be sure to check you have enough left of your prescription before going away. If not, book an appointment with your doctor.
  • If you are planning to take a mobile phone abroad, check with your network that you have Internation Roaming enabled. Also check the tariffs for making and receiving calls and message abroad, so as not to get a nasty shock.
  • Check you have received everything you should have from your travel agent, including insurance documents if you have booked this through them.
  • Make a photocopy of all of your documents, including your passport and EHIC, and pack these in a separate piece of luggage from the originals. Therefore if you lose one set, you should not lose both. Keep the originals on you at all times.
  • Leave details of where you are staying and any places you plan to visit, plus your transport details including flight times with a relative/family member at home, so someone can always contact you in an emergency. You may also wish to leave a 2nd photocopy of your travel documents with this person.
  • Arrange for someone to check in on your house whilst you are away (giving them details of any alarms that you may have), and move any mounting post away from the door - a sure tell-tell-sign that a house is empty. For this reason also, pause any milk or paper deliveries you receive.
  • Plan transport or arrange a lift to the airport or train station well in advance - possibly even before booking. Do not rely on the friend who gave you a lift to the airport last year automatically being able to do the same this year.
  • Book your cats/dogs into kennels/a cattery if necessary.
  • Check your confirmation from the airline (if flying) as to how much luggage you can take.
  • Prepare snacks and activites for the journey - such as packing MP3 Players, or puzzle books.
  • On the day, check teletext or the Internet to confirm your flights are running on time.
  • If you're travelling in the winter months, you may wish to turn your water off at the stop cock, to ensure your pipes don't freeze.
  • As you leave, ensure all electrical appliances are unplugged and that all windows and doors are securely locked/fastened.
  • Whether you are driving to your destination or just to the airport, be sure to check your oil, tyres, water and anti-freeze/coolant in your car.
  • If you are travelling from your wedding reception straight to your honeymoon, then ask a trusted friend to ensure your holiday luggage is at the venue with you, ready to be put in the taxi/car. You don't want to be taking a suitcase to the church with you!