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      Saturday, 21st April

Wedding Gift Lists

Make your own Wedding Gift List from a choice of over 3.5million products!

Many people aren't sure whether a gift list is acceptable - after all, should you really ASK for presents? If you don't wish to receive truck-loads of wedding flowers as gifts (it happened!) you should!

But giving a wedding gift is a tradition that dates back a long way, and in these days of couples already having homes together, it makes sense to let people know if there's anything in particular you would like when you begin married life together. Then if your guests would like to give a gift, they can be sure that they are giving something you will appreciate.

We've teamed up with NaturalBornShopper.co.uk - the social shopping website that lets you make pick lists of things you love, things you'd recommend - or things you want!

NaturalBornShopper contains nearly 4,000,000 products from hundreds of different online and high street shops, categorised by category, sub-category, price, brand and retailer - so you're bound to find what you're looking for quickly and easily!

You can even email your list to your friends, and they can leave comments. And you can customise the look of it.

Simply click here to visit NaturalBornShopper, and when you create a Pick List (there's an option on the right next to the search box on every page), select Wedding Gift List as the type of list you're creating.