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      Thursday, 22nd March

Financing Your Wedding

Sensibly afford what you want.

  • Wedding Insurance from just £23.99

    Wedding Insurance from just £23.99

    Weddingplan Wedding Insurance

    More and more couples are turning to wedding insurance as the cost of weddings goes up and up.

    With the average wedding now costing over £18,000 - £23.99 for an insurance policy is sounding as tempting as a chocolate fountain.

    If the unthinkable should happen, most couples would find it hard to afford the costs of cancelling their wedding and paying for their big day all over again and would be powerless to recover the priceless memories lost as a result.

    Click on the link below to check out Weddingplan Wedding Insurance a... Read more...

  • Free delivery on orders over £100 with Baileys Wine Merchants

    Free delivery on orders over £100 with Baileys Wine Merchants

    Baileys Wine Merchants

    If you're getting your own wine and champers for your wedding, avoid costly delivery bills by ordering with Baileys Wine Merchants before 15th August 2008. They are offering free delivery (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) for all orders over £100.

  • £12Million Double Rollover!

    £12Million Double Rollover!

    The National Lottery

    Tonight (Saturady 14th June) there is an estimated £12,000,000 Lottery jackpot.... imagine the wedding that'd get you! Follow the link below to play online. Fingers crossed! Ofcourse, if you do win, your favourite wedding planning website wouldn't mind a donation for inspiring you... ;) Read more...

  • Barter for your wedding

    Barter for your wedding

    BBC1's The One Show this evening featured a couple who paid just £2,500 for their £10,000 wedding - by bartering! They dug ditches in exchange for their wedding car, and worked over 200 hours in a hotel for the reception! (As well of course as having their wedding on a Thursday).

    They said they'd recommend it to anyone - but be prepared for many months hard work! Keep in mind the light at the end of the tunnel - a lovely wedding day! That I think would be all the sweeter because you'd know you'd earned it - a real sense of team work for yo... Read more...

  • Use Credit Cards to your advantage

    Use Credit Cards to your advantage

    Now, we're certainly not saying go out there - load yourself up with credit - and go on a spree. But, IF you do use a credit card, AND you repay the balance every month, then you should look to use a Cashback card that'll give you cash back on your purchases.

    The reason we say you should make sure you pay it back every month, is because if you get charged interest it'll more than likely outweigh the benefits of your cashback.

    So if you use a credit card wisely, then make sure you don't miss out on some easy cash back.