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      Thursday, 22nd March

Essential Tips

Tips on how to choose the dress to suit you on your big day.

For more tips on how to choose your dress, visit Wedding Dresses in our Wedding Planning Help section.

Different Styles for Different Shapes

V-haped Wedding DressV-Shaped Waist

A v-shaped waistline makes any wearer look slimmer, as it draws the eye into a narrow point. Corsetted tops are very popular, perhaps because they give the feeling of a traditional, grand dress, when women were women (according to heated, busty period dramas anyway!). This particular dress (left) is quite sexy, and so would not feel comfortable for all. The way it is formed in two parts however, is very popular for brides who feel a long flowing dress will show any lump and bumps more.

A-line Wedding DressA-Line Skirts

This dress will cover a multitude of sins! If you feel your hips aren't ready for 'slinky' then something like this would be ideal. However, mind you don't add too many inches to the rest of you - this dress (left) is quite hefty around the waist due to the rouching and layered texture, so unless you can afford to add a bit of insulation, maybe go for a thinner, sleeker top, with a larger skirt, spraying out from hip height down.

Fish Tail Skirts

Now these are for the more 'small-bottomed' of us, as the shape of the skirt emphasises that particular curve completely. Curving out around your behind, it then gathers straight back in below your bottom to hug your thigs/upper leg, before flaring out from below the knee. It does provide an interesting shape for guests to look at whilst looking at your back during the ceremony.

Backless DressBackless

Big Question - do you need a bra? Are you going to be comfortable all day without one? If you can get away without one a backless dress in an option for you. Obviously, even with a bra certain backless-ish dresses can be worn, using halterneck, strapless or cross over bras. Or a modesty panel can simply be put behind corsetry/laceing-up.

Column DressColoumn Dress

If you are tall and slim a coloumn dress can do great things for showing off your figure. This particular example (left) does get fuller further down, but the front keeps much of it's column appearance. If 'simplicity' is your key word, along with 'elegant', a straight but beautiful coloumn dress is definately worth considering.

Scoop NeckScoop Neck

If you are slightly smaller in the bust area, then a scoop neck can be very suitable, adding detail and depth the chest.

Different Styles to Suit Your Style

Simple Dress for a 2nd weddingSimple

If you feel full and fancy isn't for you, or you're a more mature bride, or this isn't your 1st wedding, then don't feel there aren't beautiful options out there for you. This dress (left) opitimises sophistication and style, whilst remaining a simple, elegant dress suitable for a range of brides. Teaming it with a hat rather than usual tiara and/or viel adds formality (great or a civil ceremony?) without detracting any magic or romance.

Wedding AbroadAbroad Wedding

With the growing popularity of weddings abroad, many dress manufacturers are catering for this choice by producing simple, beautiful dresses in fabrics which will travel well without creasing badly or taking up your whole luggage allowance!

Buttons and VeilsButtons

The idea behind so many wedding dresses having a long row of buttons down them is is due to German tradition - each button is said to represent 1 year of happy marriage! So get buttons all the way!!

For more tips on how to choose your dress, visit Wedding Dresses in our Wedding Planning Help section.