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      Thursday, 22nd March

Don't let Wedding planning stress take hold!

You should be enjoying the run up to your big day! Not fretting over everything and running yourself into the ground... Follow our steps to stay in control of your blood pressure!

Don't worry!

Clam down!We know that's easy to say - but staying calm and keeping things in perspective will help you be more efficient. When you find yourself starting to feel overwhelmed, or panicking, take a deep breath and count to 10 and remind yourself of all the things you've arranged already and how you're doing fine! And then go for a walk and clear your head in the fresh air!

Take regular breaks.

Whilst this may not be a task you get bored of quickly, you will work more efficiently if you work in short bursts - on say, writing the invitations.

Break things down into small tasks.

If you've got 150 wedding invitations to write, plan to do 15 a night over a series of evenings. That way, you can do your 15 and go to bed knowing you've completed your task and are keeping up with your schedule!

Don't leave things to the last minute.

There will be things that have to be done late on, but if you do what you can as far in advance as possible, it will keep the whole process ticking along nicely!

Stop fretting and wind down before bed.

For one hour before bed - RELAX! Have a bath, read a book (not a wedding planning magazine!) or watch TV. See our Time Out Guide for more ideas. Help your mind relax and you'll sleep alot better.

Tell him how you're feeling.

Talk to your Groom if you feel stressed - share the load, after all, this is his big day too! A problem shared...